AREVA purchases RM Consultants Ltd, a British nuclear firm specialized in risk management.

Press release

April 03, 2008

AREVA announces the acquisition of RM Consultants Ltd (RMC), a British consulting company specialized in nuclear safety assessment.

This acquisition reinforces AREVA's presence in the United Kingdom, where the group plans to strengthen its industrial base. AREVA currently employs 1,800 people in Great Britain, where its Transmission and Distribution division, one of the market leaders in the country, counts 6 industrial sites.

With the purchase of RMC, AREVA strengthens its know-how in the field of nuclear safety and environmental risks analysis. For thirty years, RMC has continuously supplied specialized services to the major nuclear organisations in the United Kingdom.

RMC also provides AREVA with its extensive knowledge of the regulatory bodies and procedures which govern nuclear activities in the United Kingdom.

It will provide valuable support to AREVA's major project ambitions in Great Britain, both in the nuclear fuel cycle and in new builds.

François-Xavier Rouxel, AREVA’s Senior Vice President for Strategy, said: "The acquisition of RMC demonstrates our ambition to play an active role in the UK’s nuclear renaissance. RMC's expertise will allow AREVA to offer solutions which are tailored to the needs of its British partners." 

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