2017, a pivotal year

The year 2017 marks the completion of the capital increases of Areva S.A. and of New AREVA and the completion of the sale process of New NP to EDF.

10 January 2017

The European Commission authorizes the French State to carry out capital increases of AREVA S.A. and of New AREVA, up to a maximum of € 4.5 billion out of a total amount of € 5 billion This authorization is subject to two preconditions:

• The authorization by the European Commission of the merger between EDF and New NP

• The positive conclusion of the ASN on the results of the justification program concerning the carbon segregation problem identified in the parts of the EPR reactor vessel of the Flamanville 3 project.

29 May 2017

Removal of the first precondition: the European Commission authorizes the proposed acquisition of New NP by EDF under the European Union Merger Regulation.

28 June 2017

Removal of the second condition: The ASN renders its draft opinion on the results of the justification program, whereas “the mechanical characteristics of the bottom and the lid of the tank of the EPR in Flamanville are sufficient in the light of the stresses to which these parts are subjected, including in the event of an accident”.

12 July 2017

Realization of the € 2 billion capital increase of AREVA S.A., reserved for the French State.

13 July 2017

The French State files with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) a draft public take-over bid for the AREVA S.A. shares not held par the State, (directly or indirectly through the CEA). The public take-over bid follows the loss of control by AREVA S.A. of New AREVA, prompted by the capital increase of New AREVA reserved for the State on July 26, 2017 in accordance with article 236-6 of the AMF's general regulations.

26 July 2017

Realization of the New AREVA capital increase reserved for the French State and subscription under trust of JNFL and MHI.

End 2017

Sale of the activities of AREVA NP constituting New NP to EDF.