SIEMENS to withdraw as AREVA NP shareholder

Press release


January 27, 2009

The CEO of Siemens informed the CEO of AREVA of his decision to exercise the option to sell shares of AREVA NP's capital, 34% of which are held by Siemens.

In accordance with the shareholders' agreement of January 30, 2001, this notice, formulated before January 30, 2009, will take effect on January 30, 2012.

AREVA and Siemens will now work on the valuation of shares sold in accordance with a procedure set forth in that same agreement.

This transaction ends all share capital ties. Once it has been completed, AREVA NP will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of AREVA. 

The procedure has no impact on the status of AREVA NP employees or on their management, which AREVA has provided since 2001. The same is true for the technological, industrial and commercial assets of that subsidiary, which have already been completely consolidated in the group. 

AREVA continues to be an important player in German industry, where it has around 8,000 employees in approximately 30 sites (nuclear and T&D).