Transportation: SYTRAL awarded a €58 million contract to AREVA for the renovation of Lyon automated subway

Press release


January 27, 2009

AREVA has been chosen by SYTRAL, the Lyon region public transport authority, to replace the signaling systems of metro lines A and B. For SYTRAL, owner of one of the most innovative public transport networks in Europe, this program shall not only upgrade the lines, but also provide a solution to increasing traffic demand.

A new CBTC(*) automatic train control system will be installed, based on AREVA TA Pegasus™ products that allow to significantly increase capacity while providing the highest safety to the passengers.

The renovated and extended metro line B will go into service in 2013. In a second stage, lines A and B will be equipped with an automatic driverless system such as the one in service on line D.

The contract has been awarded to a consortium, including AREVA TA (leader), ACC-IM (Clermont-Ferrand based, renovation of rolling stock) and EURIWARE** (system tests and maintenance).

SYTRAL Chairman, Bernard Rivalta, emphasized that this contract is starting a long-term collaboration with AREVA to ensure the Lyon subway remains a leading-edge operation.

Dominique Mockly, CEO of AREVA TA, described the contract as "confirmation of AREVA's capabilities and innovation in safety control systems."

(*) CBTC: Communication-Based Train Control
(**) EURIWARE is a 100% AREVA subsidiary


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