AREVA wins a major contract to perform ten-year inspections for the third time on French 900 MWe reactors

Press release


June 19, 2007

AREVA has won a major design and modernization contract from EDF worth more than €100 million for its thirty-four French 900 MWe nuclear reactors commissioned between 1977 and 1987.

This new inspection campaign will run over a period of ten years starting in 2009 on the Tricastin (Drôme) and Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin) sites.

For each reactor, AREVA will carry out improvements to the instrumentation and control system and add technological improvements to the mechanical systems.

This new contract is confirmation of AREVA's capability in outage services, engineering, and system upgrading. The group has taken part in the first two ten-year inspections of France's 900 MWe reactor fleet, and since 2005 has been involved in the second round of inspections on France's twenty 1,300 MWe reactors. AREVA has also carried out ten-year inspections in Koeberg, South Africa, and Daya Bay, China, with the support of its local subsidiaries, Lesedi and SNE, respectively.


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