2013 1st quarter revenue: +15.5% organic growth

Press Release

At March 31, 2013:

  • Strong revenue growth of 12.5% to €2.279bn (+15.5% like for like)
  • Stable backlog year on year: €44.9bn (-1.0% over the quarter)

Luc Oursel, Chief Executive Officer, offered the following comments on the group’s performance for the first quarter of 2013:
“The start of 2013 demonstrates the group’s ability to generate significant growth across all of its businesses, in both nuclear and renewables. Organic growth for the quarter was almost 16%, led by our commercial vitality. It is a reflection of our customers’ confidence in an offering oriented towards their needs and of good execution in delivering our products and services. With this performance, we are able to confirm our growth objectives for 2013.”

In the first quarter of 2013, AREVA’s operations generated consolidated revenue of 2.279 billion euros, an increase of 12.5% (+15.5% like for like) compared with the same period in 2012. The sharp revenue increase in the Mining, Back End and Renewable Energies Business Groups (BG), which reported growth of 26.1% (+43.6% like for like), 49.9% (+49.5% like for like) and 23.3% (+27.5% like for like) respectively, largely offsets the expected downturn in revenue in the Front End BG (-12.6% reported, -11.2% like for like), while the Reactors & Services BG reported an upward trend of 3.2% (+4.1% like for like). Foreign exchange had a negative impact of 14 million euros over the period, while the change in consolidation scope had a negative impact of 40 million euros.

At March 31, 2013, the group’s backlog was 44.9 billion euros, stable in relation to March 31, 2012 and down 1.0% compared with December 31, 2012. The backlog rose in the Mining BG, offsetting the decrease recorded in the other Business Groups. Order cancellations since the Fukushima accident totaled 1 billion euros at the end of March 2013, compared with 936 million euros at December 31, 2012.

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