2014 Annual Results

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2014 annual results
2014 annual results
  • Revenue: €8.336bn (-7.2% LFL)
  • EBITDA1: €735m (-€257m vs. 2013)
  • Free operating cash flow before tax1: -€372m (-€537m vs. 2013)
  • Consolidated net income: -€4.834bn
    . Provisions for impairment of assets in the nuclear operations (€1.460bn) and write-down of deferred tax assets (€938m)
    Additional losses on three major nuclear projects (€1.097bn, including €720m for the OL3 EPR project)
    Provisions for end-of-lifecycle operations (€300m)
    . Provisions for impairment, losses at completion and contingencies in discontinued renewables operations (€557m)
  • Strategic roadmap
    . Refocus on core nuclear processes
    Reforge the partnership with EDF
    Strengthen the development of our presence in China
  • Operating performance
    . Competitiveness plan : €1bn of operational gains compared to 2014 and a plan to reorganize engineering services
    Strengthened management of major projects: Olkiluoto 3, Flamanville 3, Jules Horowitz research reactor
  • Social dialogue
    . Dialogue will begin in a few days concerning the company’s situation, its strategic directions and their implications
  • Financing plan
    Definition of a 3-year financing plan to be presented before publication of half-year results. The company will focus its efforts on:
    . strong selectivity in Capex
    deployment of the competitiveness plan
    . asset disposals and partnerships with an equity component
    . financing of operating assets and optimized cash management
    The company is also studying ways to adequately strengthen its equity.
  • Financial outlook*: outlook of positive net cash flow in 2018

* At constant consolidation scope and foreign exchange, excluding the impacts of asset disposals, equity-based transactions and refinancing.

AREVA’s Board of Directors met yesterday under the chairmanship of Philippe Varin to approve the financial statements for the period ended December 31, 2014. Concerning the financial results,

Philippe Varin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said:

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome the efforts made by the AREVA group to draw up a detailed diagnosis of the situation and undertake a transformation plan commensurate with the stakes involved. AREVA’s know-how is recognized all over the world, and France needs a strong nuclear industry. The group must now follow the road to recovery by making substantial sacrifices. The Board of Directors will be demanding as to the implementation of this plan. I wish to express my confidence in the ability of the executive management team and of all AREVA employees to turn the group around.”

Philippe Knoche, Chief Executive Officer, made the following statement:

“The scale of the net loss for 2014 illustrates the twofold challenge confronting AREVA: continuing stagnation of the nuclear operations, lack of competitiveness and difficulties in managing the risks inherent in large projects. The group understands how serious this situation is. A comprehensive strategic review of operations was undertaken beginning in November 2014 and is being carried out without compromise. As a result, AREVA is now able to announce a solid transformation plan that sets a challenging but economically realistic course for our teams.

First, AREVA will refocus on its core business: mastery of key nuclear processes essential to operators around the globe. This strategic redeployment will lead to the revision of certain goals, whether in the management of new reactor projects or in renewable energies. AREVA's objective is to achieve excellence as a high value-added supplier of products and services.

Secondly, AREVA, whose resources had been marshaled to support a spurt of growth in nuclear power, must now adapt to new market realities and become competitive once again. The group’s most urgent task is recovery and securing its future by immediately launching a far-reaching competitiveness plan founded on organizational simplification, quality of operations, and a completely revamped approach to managing risk in large projects.

Last but not least, AREVA must ensure sustainable financing for its activities. A financing plan will be clarified before publication of the half-year financial statements.

The commitment of AREVA’s employees, which has always been absolute in serving the group’s customers, is more necessary than ever today, for it will be the key to success.

The challenge for all of us today is to implement the transformation plan in all its aspects, to make AREVA, in the French nuclear industry, a refocused, simplified, competitive group in a position of recovery."

Restated for asset disposals (Euriware, Duisburg, AREVA TA’s Command & Control for Transportation (CCT) and Aerospace Assembly Line activities, electrical panels business in Brazil, and land-based wind turbine business)