2016 3rd Quarter Revenue

Press release

Stable revenue in an unfavorable market environment

At September 30, 2016:

- Backlog of €32.2 bn vs. €29 bn end of 2015

- Revenue of €2.8 bn: +0.9% vs. September 2015 (+1.1% like for like)

Progress of the transformation plan consistent with the schedule presented during the Market Update of June 15, 2016:

- Exercise of the option to sell interest in Adwen to Gamesa

- Approval by all bondholders of the plan for partial contribution of assets

- Extraordinary General Meeting on November 3: last step for the creation of NewCo subsidiary

Upward revision of 2016 outlook:

- Net cash flow from company operations now expected between -€0.9 bn and -€0.6 bn, versus initial forecast of -€2.0 to -€1.5 bn.