2016 annual results

Press release

• Key milestones met in 2016 in the implementation of the group’s restructuring plan, in particular with:
     - the creation of NewCo1;
     - the signature of a memorandum of understanding with EDF for the sale of New NP2 in the 2nd half of 2017;
     - the setting of the terms of the AREVA SA and NewCo capital increases planned in June3.

• Loss of €665 m, sharply down, including provisions, write-downs and a capital gain in the net amount of -€932 m

• Net cash flow from company operations of -€621 m, favorable limit of the last estimated range

• The 1 billion euros of savings aimed for by the group’s performance plan now more than 70% achieved

• Growth of NewCo’s operating income of more than 10% of revenue, thanks to the effects of the performance plan and to decreased restructuring expenses

• Major milestones in 2017: completion of AREVA SA and NewCo capital increases and sale of New NP


1 NewCo: temporary name of the entity which combines all of the operations of AREVA related to the nuclear fuel cycle, whose legal name is New AREVA Holding.
2 New NP combines the operations of AREVA NP, excluding the OL3 contract and the means necessary for its completion, and, as applicable, certain component contracts affected by serious anomalies which might be identified in connection with the quality audit in progress.
3 Subject to fulfillment of the preconditions set by the European Commission in its decision of January 10, 2107.