A virtual tour of AREVA's recycling facility

News brief

Rémi Coulon and Mike Mc MahonAREVA sponsored yesterday a live virtual tour of its La Hague nuclear fuel recycling facility. The webinar allowed viewers to see firsthand the company’s decades of expertise recycling used nuclear fuel safely and economically and to learn how that expertise could be used in the United States.
Attendees of the event, which took place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., included journalists, Congressional staffers, and industry representatives, among others.

Representing AREVA at the Press Club were Jacques Besnainou, CEO, AREVA North America, and Alan Hanson, EVP, Technology and Used Fuel Management. Live from the La Hague Facility were Remi Coulon, Head of Strategy and International Projects Division, and Mike McMahon, Director, Strategy and International Projects Division.

Participants were treated to a visual tour of the La Hague Facility, interspersed with video of the recycling process and expert commentary from AREVA representatives. Jacques, Alan, Remi, and Mike also answered questions live from the audience and questions received online.

"We believe that the United States should reconsider recycling for managing its used fuel," said Jacques. "The purpose of the virtual tour was to showcase and inform key audiences about our nuclear fuel recycling capabilities and expertise in this area."