Advertising: AREVA addresses opinion leaders in France

News brief

Starting on April 6th, 2010 and for a 4-week period, AREVA will be in the press and on the Internet with a new French institutional advertising campaign entitled: "Raison de plus pour faire mieux".

The goal of this new ad campaign is to point out the group’s major achievements to French opinion leaders: it is a reminder that AREVA is a reference player in the industrial sector, an ambassador of the French competitive edge on the international scene.

The campaign is composed of several taglines, organized in the form of press ads and internet banners which primarily illustrate the group’s success in term of recruitment, and its intense involvement in innovation, diversification and R&D.

This campaign is designed to strengthen the AREVA brand in relation to its dimensions of responsibility, trust and commitment and thus to begin developing the idea of continuous improvement in its advertising.

A new advertising slogan: "Raison de plus pour faire mieux"

This campaign also provides the opportunity to present AREVA’s new slogan, “Raison de plus pour faire mieux” (the English equivalent is to be announced later).

This expression reflects the idea of continuous improvement, the group’s leitmotiv. It is a dynamic and modern advertising stance illustrating “AREVA’s mindset”, which is based on permanent introspection, demanding standards and a proactive nature, all of which are imprinted in the AREVA brand genes. It places value on innovation and the continuous efforts made by the group’s employees.