AREVA French champion for childcare places: Anne Lauvergeon inaugurates the first inter-company preschool in Rhone Gard region

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anne lauvergeon cut the ribbAnne Lauvergeon, chairman of AREVA’s executive board, today inaugurated in the presence of Serge Boissin, Chairman of the Community of South Cèze districts (Communauté de Commune Cèze Sud), Jean-Marc Roubaud, MP, Simon Sutour, Senator, Jean-Christian Rey, Regional Counselor, Alexandre Pissas, General Counselor for the canton of Bagnols sur Cèze, the first inter-company preschool in the Rhone Gard region.

Born out of a partnership between AREVA, the Community of South Cèze districts (comprising the villages of Codolet, Chusclan and Orsan) and Crèche Attitude, the "La Parade des Bambins” day nursery has a total 60 places, including 40 reserved for children of AREVA employees[1] and 20 for residents of these three villages.

This venture is a part of a wider policy pursued by the group in the field of personal services. The installation of a preschool here also embodies AREVA’s will to further develop an area that is the historical heartland of much of our business. It has also enabled 19 direct jobs to be created locally.

anne lauvergeon with the public"We’ve believed in company childcare for a long time at AREVA. The first preschool was opened in 2001. I know from experience that reconciling work and family life is difficult. I am convinced that the welfare of employees contributes to the performance of the group", comments Anne Lauvergeon.

To date, AREVA has made available to its employees nearly 300 places in eleven preschools in France and Germany. AREVA thus represents the number one French company in terms of number of places available for its employees in France.

Since 2008, AREVA has been a member of the Observatoire de la Parentalité (a parenting think-tank) and is a founding member of the “Crèches et Entreprises” club created by the Ministry of Labor and the State Secretariat for Family and Solidarity. It groups 70 of the most exemplary companies in terms of creation or financing of childcare places for the children of their employees.

The AREVA group is present in the Rhone Gard basin (Marcoule platform) for nuclear site value development, (AREVA Marcoule), manufacture of recycled nuclear fuels (MELOX) nuclear engineering (SGN), and maintenance of packaging , nuclear transport and logistics TN International, LMC, MAINCO). Nearly 3,000 employees of AREVA work in the Rhone valley employment pool.

[1] AREVA finances associated running costs on a pro rata basis according to occupancy. The community of districts finances the investments linked to infrastructure in cooperation with its institutional partners as well as the share of running costs corresponding to places allocated to residents.

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