Recycling: AREVA to upgrade MOX plant in the UK

Press release

AREVA has signed a contract with Sellafield Limited* to design, supply and install a new rod line for the SMP MOX fuel** plant. AREVA will also provide associated inspection equipment.

The contract is part of a program of engineering improvements being made to the plant following an agreement with Japanese utilities for further fuel manufacture.

The group has world-leading expertise in the manufacture of MOX fuel which it carries out at its Melox plant in the South of France. It will draw on its own technology and operating experience to fulfil the contract.

AREVA is a partner in the Nuclear Management Partners consortium which has been responsible for the operations of Sellafield since November 2008.

Denis Hugelman, Senior Vice-President for AREVA’s Back-End business group, said: “This contract recognizes AREVA’s leading role in MOX fuel technology. We are happy to bring our expertise in recycling to the Sellafield team. We appreciate our partnership with Sellafield and the opportunity to make improvements to the MOX plant.”

*Sellafield Limited is the UK’s nuclear recycling center located in West Cumbria.

** MOX fuel results from the recycling of uranium and plutonium extracted from used nuclear fuel.

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