AREVA Adopts Principles of Conduct with World’s Leading Nuclear Vendors

Press Release

Paris, Sept. 15, 2011 – AREVA announced today the adoption of a common set of principles of conduct with the world’s other leading nuclear plant vendors. Crafted over the last three years and facilitated by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, this code reflects the best practices for the export of nuclear power plants to countries with existing nuclear programs as well as those interested in developing civilian nuclear power.

The principles are unprecedented in the nuclear energy industry. Although they are voluntary, AREVA has pledged to implement them within the company and promote them throughout its supply chain, reflecting the group’s commitment to meet and exceed the highest standards for safety, security, environmental protection and ethics in all of its business activities. The other vendors have pledged to do likewise.

“At AREVA, like in the rest of the nuclear industry, continuous improvement is part of our culture. Our entire industry supports these values as a token of our commitment to a sustainable future for nuclear energy,” said Luc Oursel, CEO of AREVA. « To guaranty the long-term success of our activities, we must continuously strive to meet the highest environmental and social expectations of our society, which is why AREVA is pleased to adopt these principles that the group largely contributed to elaborating.”

“For AREVA, it was natural that we participated from the beginning in this Carnegie-led initiative. In effect, it follows the path described in the AREVA Values Charter,” Oursel added.

AREVA will work to educate its employees, suppliers and other stakeholders about supporting these principles of conduct and will check, through periodic reviews, that these practices are being implemented. ATMEA, an AREVA-Mitsubishi joint venture, has also adopted the principles.


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