AREVA and UIMM engage to support work-study programs

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AREVA and UIMM (French union of metallurgy industries and trades) have signed an agreement to support and promote the professional integration of recent graduates following the completion of their work-study program at AREVA in France.

Under the terms of this agreement, AREVA will provide to the regional UIMM organizations the profiles of work-study students not recruited by the group following the completion of their training, so that the UIMM can support their search for employment and provide them access to their expert network of training and skills.

UIMM will offer AREVA’s work-study students personalized support to assist them with finding employment or further training (formalizing a career plan, drafting a CV, preparing for job interviews, providing information on administrative formalities, etc.). This is also a way to help companies recruit recent graduates who are trained and ready to work.

As early as 2005, AREVA initiated an ambitious and pro-active work-study policy in order to anticipate needs to replace certain skills and to support knowledge transfer.

The 1,500 work-study students trained by the group each year acquire a first professional experience that can be utilized by other players in the nuclear sector.

“A work-study program at AREVA is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to acquire the know-how and technical skills sought by future employers. The group, recognized for the quality of its training offer, recruits 800 work-study students each year. It contributes to meet the recruitment needs of companies in the French nuclear sector, which expect to recruit 110,000 new hires by 2020,” explained Véronique Rouzaud, Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources for AREVA.

“Our companies, in particularly our SMEs, require employees that are available, trained and operational. This principle of “sharing” skills across a region is in the spirit of the sector. It will help industrial companies integrate the skills or resources - young people in particular – that will enable them to pursue their strategy and improve competitiveness,” declared UIMM General Secretary, Jean-François Pilliard.

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