AREVA and Unitech ensure ongoing job security in France with an industrial laundry activity

Press release

Obliged to shut down the laundry activity at the La Hague plant for reasons of non-compliance, AREVA has decided to establish a partnership in France with Unitech, the world leader in industrial laundry.

Under the terms of this partnership, Unitech, which already provides a cleaning service for several French industrial concerns in the nuclear sector, will establish an activity in Aulnay-sous-Bois, near Paris, creating 50 to 100 jobs in this industrial area.

AREVA has made a commitment to reclassify the 24 employees of the laundry at the La Hague plant, currently operated by its subsidiary AMALIS. All the employees concerned will be assigned to units of AREVA located in the La Hague area and on the basis of personally-tailored assistance plans. The group will provide all the training required to enable them to take up their new positions.

As the laundry employees are assigned to their new positions, the workload of the La Hague laundry will be transferred to Unitech at first in the Netherlands, and then in France as soon as the laundry in Aulnay-sous-Bois is operational.

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