AREVA awarded for its approach to transparency and dialogue

Press release

Two professional panels have recently rewarded AREVA for its transparency policy. The group received the Communication et Entreprise award for best annual report among listed companies for its Responsible Growth Report. It also took home Stratégies’ grand prize in editorial communications strategies for its website,

2009 Responsible Growth Report provides more transparency

On November 25, the award for best annual report among listed companies was presented to AREVA at the 2010 Communication et Entreprise awards ceremony. (Formerly known as UJJEF, Communication et Entreprise is a French association of communications professionals.)

In engaging the nuclear power debate with articles on non-proliferation, nuclear waste, and acceptability, the 2009 Responsible Growth Report reflects AREVA’s commitment to open dialogue with its stakeholders. The panel notably cited AREVA’s commitment to openness, lauding the group’s efforts ‘to open the debate’ and ‘provide a voice to numerous key parties’.

The report’s aesthetic and graphic qualities were also recognized, with the panel describing the document as “very attractive, clear and educational.”

Finally, the panel noted that the report is “not a document to be put away once read, but to come back to and flip through again—in short, a true reference document for AREVA!” This was an outstanding reward for the group and its agency Euro RSCG C & O.

A website offering further opportunities for learning and dialogue

On December 8, Stratégies magazine held its annual Grand Prix Stratégies awards ceremony. This time, AREVA’s website,, was honored, winning both the prize for best external editorial communications tool and the top prize in editorial communications.

The panel was impressed by the several thousand pages that form the site, as well as the richness and diversity of its multimedia content. Judges noted that through this website, AREVA and its editorial agency Dixxit are meeting the ongoing challenge to educate readers.

The site, designed and built by communications agency Nurun, won over the panel thanks in part to its Dialogue section. Offering users the opportunity to interact with group experts, this section is further evidence of AREVA’s commitment to transparency.

To top things off, the AREVA website had already been nominated by the Communication et Entreprise panel for its e-communications strategy award!