AREVA awarded "Top Employers France 2012" label


On 9 February, AREVA was awarded the "Top Employers France" label for 2012 for the third consecutive year. The group was also distinguished with a Special Prize for Corporate Culture. This twofold recognition places AREVA as a benchmark employer in France again this year.This award confirms the soundness and reliability of our HR policies.

- Strong corporate culture
Our Diversity policy fosters equal opportunity and fights all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Firmly rooted and structured in our work processes since 2005, it is now an integral part of our Corporate Culture.

Our innovative Talent Development policy provides training for all employees throughout their careers, independently of their profession, status or age, thanks to a rich and varied range of training opportunities.

Sharing Best Practices, as an integral part of our Corporate Culture; is conducive to participative innovation. Our Business Units have the tools for sharing and capitalising on expertise. Employee networks like “WE” and “HR Action” foster joint efforts, mutual aid and innovation.

Philippe Vivien, Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources of the group, stated that “The foundations of our HR policy are stable, sound and secure, as confirmed again this year by the Top Employers 2012 label we received. Our HR teams’ commitment contributes to developing our Corporate Culture and boosting in our 48,000 employees worldwide their professional pride and strong sense of Group identity.”  

- The Top Employers Label
The Top Employers label is awarded to the businesses that are most effective in, and most committed to, human resources management. Using a pan-European methodology, the specialist CRF Institute audits how HR departments manage the talents of their colleagues, focusing on 5 criteria:

* Primary Benefits
* Secondary Benefits and Working Conditions
* Training and Development
* Career Opportunities
* Company Culture 

- Strong areas of our HR policy that helped us obtain the label
Primary benefits
* The group's savings scheme (PEG) for all French employees
* Attractive investments for worker participation and profit-sharing
* Personalised objectives combining employee performance and remuneration levels
Secondary Benefits and Working Conditions
* 12 company nurseries, conciergeries, and gyms
* Holiday vouchers and home-help vouchers; contributing to the cost of some leisure activities
* Taking into account the need to juggle work and private life, including specific measures for parenthood in the widest sense (birth and adoption/)

Training and Development
* 33 hours of training on average per employee per year
* 1,000 training programmes available each year
* 800 mobility offers within the group each month
* Substantial proportion of the payroll (above the legal requirement) devoted to training

Career Opportunities
* Induction programmes for new recruits
* Industry watch (Observatoire des Métiers) for forward planning for jobs and skills at group level
* Expertise and project management channels as alternative careers for management
* Annual staff reviews to identify and develop talents
* A unique system for managing careers and talents within the entire group thanks to a powerful HRIS.