AREVA begins production of the first MOX fuel for the Netherlands

Press Release

The fabrication of the first MOX fuel for the Borssele power plant, located in the Netherlands, began in October at AREVA’s MELOX facility.

In 2008, the Dutch utility EPZ, which operates the 500 MWe nuclear reactor in Borssele, decided to diversify its nuclear fuel supply and chose AREVA to fabricate MOX fuel. This year EPZ received a governmental license for the authorization to load in the reactor eight MOX assemblies in 2014 then 12 assemblies each year.

For nearly 30 years, EPZ has entrusted used fuel recycling to AREVA’s La Hague facility, which has processed close to 375 metric tons to date. The use of MOX fuel will enable EPZ to fully utilize the economic and environmental advantages associated with used fuel recycling.

The Netherlands becomes the seventh country to use or have used MOX fuel in its nuclear reactors, including, among others, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Japan.

A technological solution for the responsible management of natural resources and nuclear waste, recycling is developing on an international level. France and the United Kingdom already operate specialized facilities, Japan is developing currently its own industrial platform in partnership with AREVA, and China recently signed a letter of intent with the group to supply a used fuel treatment and recycling facility.

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