AREVA celebrates 50 years of nuclear logistic activities

Press Release

This year, AREVA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its nuclear logistics subsidiary, AREVA TN. Transnuclear, the original name of AREVATN, was created in 1963 with the fusion of two family-owned transport companies and has grown along with the development of nuclear energy in France and internationally. The company supplies the best available transport and storage solutions for nuclear materials. AREVA TN is the leader in the global market, offering both transportation and casks design.

The company has built its success based on three pillars. First and foremost safety: AREVA TN, in close cooperation with the safety authorities of various countries, has established rigorous processes to guarantee the highest levels of safety. Next, innovation: AREVA TN develops a variety of technologies adapted to the needs of its customers and to market changes. Finally, people: the success of AREVA TN is the result of the dedication of a team of experts recognized internationally. Beginning as team of pioneers in 1963, today AREVA TN represents today 1,400 employees in over 30 countries.

”AREVA TN has paved the way for 50 years and will continue to lead the way in the future. I have the upmost confidence in the teams to meet the challenges ahead, in particular in Asia, where nuclear energy continues to develop or in the United States for used fuel transport,” said Luc Oursel, president and CEO of AREVA.