AREVA commits to reinforce Niger’s food security

Serge Martinez – the Managing Director of COMINAK and AREVA’s representative in Niger and the Nigerien Minister for Planning and Regional Development – Amadou Boubacar Cissé in Niamey on April 10 2013

On April 10 2013, AREVA signed a financing agreement for the pilot phase of the IRHAZER project with the Nigerien Minister for Planning and Regional Development; in the presence of the Ministers for Agriculture, Pastoral Farming and Water, the French Ambassador to Niger and the Managing Directors of the mining companies operated by AREVA in the north of the country.

 After a 2-year experimental phase, the agro-pastoral project will be deployed on a large scale in the Arlit region (Irhazer valley and Tamesna plain). Eventually, more than 5,000 hectares in the desert area of the Agadez region will be provided with irrigation infrastructure for market gardening.

 “This project aims to radically transform agricultural production systems in Niger in order to protect rural populations from the threat of famine and guarantee them the conditions for full participation in the enrichment and distribution of their country’s resources. The signing of this agreement contributes to the objectives of the government, which is seeking to strengthen food security through the 3N initiative: Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens.” 
Serge Martinez

 “The signing of this agreement, which comes in addition to other recent instances of support, is a perfect illustration of the strength and vitality of the cooperation between the AREVA group and Niger.    ”
Amadou Boubacar Cissé