AREVA Corporate Foundation: FXB Village program in Mongolia moving forward


With support from the AREVA Corporate Foundation and from AREVA staff in Mongolia, the François-Xavier Bagnoud association (FXB) is deploying, since February 2016,  its three-year program to lead 100 Mongolian families out of extreme poverty sustainably and enable them to achieve social and economic independence.

During the first semester 2016, more than 200 participants were enrolled in five different training sessions on growing vegetables in the yard and in the greenhouse and on healthy life and hygiene. The project team helped 14 people to get their health insurance and eventually to receive a medical treatment. The nutritional support provided to all 100 households in the first semester is extended till the end of 2016.

Two families having experience in running small business started income generating activities thanks to electric lines provided by FXB. The first family has collected its first harvest of onions while the car repair store of the second family is going on and gets more clients

The most successful improvement is not a material support for beneficiaries, but the psychological support and counselling. It helps participants to be dynamic and become more pro-active. Income generating activity, medical and nutritional support, school support, vocational training and group activities, all continue in 2017.

The FXB Village program
The FXB Village program

The FXB Village program creates a network of 100 poverty-stricken families – a total of 500 to 600 people, half of whom are children. For three years, they receive nutritional, health, lodging and educational support as well as seed money so that each family can begin income-generating activities (IGA). By earning stable, regular income, the families are in a position to meet their own needs.