AREVA Corporate Foundation: kick-off of the FXB Village program in Mongolia to lead 100 families out of extreme poverty

In brief

With support from the AREVA Corporate Foundation and from AREVA staff in Mongolia, the François-Xavier Bagnoud association is deploying its three-year program to lead families out of extreme poverty sustainably and enable them to achieve social and economic independence.

The FXB Village program creates a network of 100 poverty-stricken families – a total of 500 to 600 people, half of whom are children. For three years, they receive nutritional, health, lodging and educational support as well as seed money so that each family can begin income-generating activities (IGA). By earning stable, regular income, the families are in a position to meet their own needs.

The 100 families have now been identified. The first food and health supplies have been distributed. Educational programs have also begun. By the end of 2016, each person will have received a medical check-up and child malnutrition will have been wiped out. The 100 identified families will have started their IGA.

For the following two years, many other milestones will be met. For example, 90% of the families will have access to improved health facilities, and all babies will be delivered by health professionals.

Local FXB team: from left to right, the logistician, the program manager, the social work and the consulting nurse.

After three years of support, the 100 families will generate enough revenue to get the members of the families out of poverty and will be in a position to protect and raise their children, have a positive impact on their community, and lead a life of dignity in their country.

The AREVA Corporate Foundation has been a partner of the association for more than six years. Two FXB Village programs have already been conducted with its financial support, one in China and the other in India. FXB International has led 165 programs around the world with a success rate of 86%.