AREVA Corporate Foundation: new educational projects in Niger and Mongolia

In brief

AREVA Corporate Foundation is pursuing its commitment to improve education levels among the disadvantaged. In particular, in 2014, it supports a program organized by Biblionef to overcome the shortage of books in Niger by donating books to that country.

For example, the Foundation is funding the purchase of 8,700 books to be provided to 25 organizations in Niger, including cultural centers, public and private schools, and youth centers.

In Mongolia, AREVA Corporate Foundation is assisting families of former nomads recently arrived in the shantytown of Ugir Bulan to facilitate their social and economic integration. The program covers:

  • school enrollment for 30 children aged 3 to 5, including 3 balanced meals a day, which also helps their mothers by giving them free time to look for employment;

  • help in registering with the administrative authorities so that the families can gain access to public services and social welfare

  • the supply of 200 water storage drums fitted with faucets to store water and avoid the risk of infection, along with basic hygiene training.