AREVA Corporate Foundation: supporting students for their future plans

In brief

The AREVA Corporate Foundation is convinced of the importance of supporting young people of modest backgrounds so that they can complete their higher education.

For several years, it has lent its support to specialized associations that help these young people complete their education and facilitate their entrance into the working world.

The AREVA Foundation also encourages the group’s employees to sponsor and coach these young people during their studies and in their job searches.

The Foundation stands behind:

  • Frateli and Tremplin: renewal of scholarships for 25 students, with 35 of the group’s employees who volunteer in these associations serving as sponsors or mentors.
  • Areli: funding during the current school year of science studies for three young baccalaureate holders, a project led by an AREVA employee who is an active member of the association.
  • Georges Besse Foundation: financial aid to prizewinners to complete their engineering studies.
  • Un Avenir ensemble: support to seven baccalaureate holders from Niger for higher education in France.