AREVA Corporate Foundation: twelve projects approved by the Board of Directors

In brief

During its June 17th meeting, the Board of Directors of the AREVA Corporate Foundation approved 12 projects in its 3 spheres of action: healthcare, education and culture.

Benefitting children and their families as well as students from modest backgrounds, these actions will be carried out in France (in the Limousin and Ile-de-France regions and in Paris, Lyon and Nîmes), and in Mongolia and Niger. The group’s employees proposed and are monitoring 3 of the 12 projects.

This Foundation's program is down-to-earth and community-oriented: from health and medical tours in the Nigerien bush to supplying computer equipment to the pediatric departments of Nîmes University Hospital Center with Docteur Souris, from helping youths in the Lyon area improve their reading and writing skills with the Apprenti’Bus to art workshops for 200 young people at the National Ceramics Museum in Sèvres, and from building a school extension in Mongolia to providing 100 families with comprehensive healthcare, child education and support for revenue-generating activities.

Also on June 17th, the members of the Board approved the financial statements for the Foundation’s 2014 activities and the 44 projects it supports.

Around Anne-Marie Choho, member of the AREVA Executive Committee and new Chairman of the Foundation, the members of the Board with the Foundation executive team.