AREVA develops a smart network for industrial site management

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LoRa™ technological demonstrator  ©AREVA

AREVA has finalized the development of a new generation of long-range wireless communication platforms based on the LoRa™ (LongRange) technology developed by Semtech Corporation. These platforms, which are connected to an array of smart sensors, provide geolocalization of any type of equipment (tools, components, etc.) in real-time and in complex industrial environments.

Developed by AREVA, the innovative solution connects a large number of smart sensors and actuators to a wireless infrastructure that can communicate through the walls of major installations such as nuclear power plants. This solution replaces the need to extensively wire installations, reducing maintenance time and cost. The system also gives operators the ability to monitor their sites through an independent network and to anticipate future IoT-type connections (Internet of Things).

"This solution is a real technological breakthrough in the field of wireless data transmission. It will transform and simplify the management of industrial sites by providing information in real-time to give operators a comprehensive vision of their assets", underlined Jean-Reynald Macé, R&D manager at AREVA.  


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Press Contacts

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