AREVA engages in the European energy security debate in Czech Republic


AREVA participated on Monday, in Prague, in the high-level conference on European energy security organized by the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique and the Prague Security Studies Institute, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Embassy of France in the Czech Republic.

The conference, entitled “Ensuring Energy Security in Europe: The Need for a Multifaceted Approach”, focused on the strategic, economic, political and technological options for sustainable energy policies in Europe to ensure European energy security. High-level representatives from Central and Eastern Europe gathered to discuss this strategic issue.

Particular attention was given to the nuclear option in the debate. AREVA’s Director of Public Affairs Jacques Gérault recalled the importance of building long-term, positive relationships with national neighbors to ensure security of energy supply and benefit from each other’s experience.

“Long-term energy security is closely linked to long-term partnerships. AREVA is actively engaged with CEZ and the Czech industry to form lasting partnerships for the Temelin 3 and 4 reactor construction projects, and beyond. Our EPR design is the technology of choice for advanced safety in Europe. It is the only reactor that has been certified by European Safety Regulators”, said Gérault.

“Our French-Czech partnership will capitalize on AREVA’s return on experience from building and operating our 4 EPR™ reactors currently under construction and the Czech industry will benefit from bankable prospects that come from being part of AREVA’s global supply chain”.

AREVA’s localization strategy brings jobs, opportunities and industrialisation wherever it builds whether it is for nuclear or renewable projects. Significant part of each EPR new-build project is left to local partners and suppliers, up to 70% of the works are open to procurement by local companies and up to 80% in renewable projects. 

On February 15, AREVA announced the signature of a strategic contract with TS Plzen for the supply of a forging press and a manipulator for its Le Creusot manufacturing plant. For the last three years, AREVA has provided the Czech industry with more than 1 billion Czech crowns of commercial opportunities in equipment and services, becoming an important contributor of the nuclear industry in the country.

As part of its engagement with the Czech nuclear industry, AREVA also established several cooperation agreements with research institutes and universities.

AREVA, who officially received the Request for Proposal for the “Completion of the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant” by the Czech utility CEZ in October 2011, is preparing to propose its advanced EPRTM reactor, as part of the European fleet the company is currently deploying.

For more information on the conference “Ensuring Energy Security in Europe: The Need for a Multifaceted Approach”, visit Prague Security Studies Institute website

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