AREVA engages with world’s largest nuclear utilities on Public Confidence in its 2nd Safety Alliance Seminar


Pursuing its engagement with utility customers, AREVA held in Paris, on June 18 and 19, the second in a series of Safety Alliance Seminars, which focused on Public Confidence regarding nuclear energy.

Gathering more than 30 participants from 16 countries and representing the world’s largest nuclear utilities, the seminar afforded attendees the opportunity to share with peers their field experience, challenges and best practices for engaging with stakeholders to increase public understanding of nuclear energy.

Plenary sessions and discussion panels organized on the first day centered on the varying public attitudes around nuclear energy, public perception of nuclear safety after Fukushima, and the new social media tools available to reach out to the general public. Dedicated workshops followed on the second day to address these key issues and to help utilities leverage their respective experiences to reinforce public confidence.

“This second Safety Alliance Seminar was yet again a success”, said Ruben Lazo, AREVA’s Chief Commercial Officer, during his closing remarks. “The vibrant discussions were very fruitful and will pave the way to an even closer collaboration between AREVA and our customers. Thanks to this close relationship, we will continue to provide utilities with the support they need to achieve their safety imperatives and business objectives while reinforcing public confidence”.

The Safety Alliance Seminars is a series of working meetings each dedicated to one of three topics identified as a priority by AREVA’s customers: Nuclear Fleet Safety, Public Confidence and Nuclear Economics. The Nuclear Fleet Safety seminar took place in May in Frankfurt, Germany. The Nuclear Economics session, will be held in September in London, England.

This initiative, unique within the industry, is part of AREVA’s Safety Alliance program launched last year to support utilities in their safety assessments and help them demonstrate and upgrade the safety of their nuclear plant fleets. In addition to a series of customer seminars, the program comprises a portfolio of more than 30 safety solutions and a dedicated research and development program.