AREVA files its appeal near Brno Regional court

In brief

AREVA confirms that the group has filed a legal action against the decision of UOHS's Chairman (Czech Office for the Protection of Economic Competition) and asked for a preliminary injunction at the Regional Court in Brno on September 19th 2013.

AREVA requests the review of UOHS actions, the cancellation of its decisions, with the objective of a reintegration in the TEMELIN tender.

AREVA believes that, both UOHS decisions do not comply with a number of requirements of Czech and EU law for a due review of public procurement procedures, and that the resulting decisions are based on insufficiently established facts and incorrect legal analysis.

AREVA still firmly believes its comprehensive and detailed offer, handed over to CEZ in July 2012, is in compliance with the statutory requirements under the Czech legislation as well as the tender criteria.

AREVA remains determined to protect its rights in this matter.