AREVA Foundation: a new “FXB Village” in China

News brief

Children in  Bu Tuo district, ChinaAs part of its commitment to the fight against Aids, AREVA Foundation has renewed its partnership with the François-Xavier Bagnoud association (FXB) for three years. Through the association, it is providing support to a rural village of 100 families in the Bu Tuo district of China.

Previously, the AREVA Foundation provided support for a similar village in the Midnapore district of India from 2008 to 2010.

The FXB association is developing “FXB-Villages” in countries stricken by Aids and poverty. Underlying the model: mutual aid and sharing in the community by offering general support in the fields of health, nutrition, hygiene, education and protection of children’s rights, by bolstering family finances to enable them escape poverty over the longer term.

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