AREVA Foundation: A new partnership with the “Secours populaire français” in Niger

In brief
© Audrey BONNET

During the Meeting AREVA event held on Saturday, July 6, 2013, AREVA Foundation Chairman Luc Oursel gave a check for 100,000 euros to the “Secours populaire français” Chairman Julien Lauprêtre to help fund a support program for 8 schools in Niger.

This gift was made possible by the incredible commitment of the group’s employees, who exceeded the goal of running or walking 400,000 kilometers as part of the AthleWorldTour, a sports challenge to show solidarity for disadvantaged children.

It will be used to improve the living and working conditions of nearly 700 children in a region primarily populated by nomads, where the school enrollment rate is low.

AREVA Foundation has been a partner to SPF since 2006 and is pursuing its commitment to the association for its educational projects in France and abroad.