AREVA Foundation: more than 30 students receive aid until their first jobs

News brief

AREVA Foundation signed three new agreements this year with the Frateli and Tremplin associations and with Georges Besse Foundation, whose work involves young students of modest means. As a result, 27 students will receive aid in the form of scholarships or housing support from the AREVA Foundation for two to three years.*

In addition, since 2008, 5 young Nigerien women baccalaureate graduates have been receiving funding assistance for their graduate studies in France from the Foundation, in cooperation with the association Un avenir ensemble.

These partnerships focus on improving the students’ chances by helping them as they progress towards long-term scientific studies. Because financial aid alone is not enough to ensure the success of their chosen curricula or access to working life, AREVA employees are volunteering their support. Today, more than fifty of them, both men and women, are mentoring the students until their first job.