AREVA Foundation: partnership with François-Xavier Bagnoud association in India

In brief
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AREVA Foundation is renewing its support for the François-Xavier Bagnoud association (FXB) for a period of two years as part of an overall project to help disadvantaged peoples in three villages of Rajasthan, India. The villages of Lawan, Dhursar and Rayad are all located close to solar power plants being deployed by AREVA Solar.

The program's action plan focuses on health and education: after-school learning support, a new center to raise the academic level of unschooled children, a new medical branch facility, and others.

AREVA Foundation has partnered with the FXB association for five years and has already supported the creation of villages in Medinipur, India and in the Bu Tuo district in China through a participatory program of community-based sustainable development.

A total of more than 400 people have benefitted from these initiatives, which help them regain economic and social autonomy in just a few years.