AREVA Foundation: The Socio-Medical Center of Izmir, Turkey, provides care to more than 2,000 Syrian refugees

In brief

Since it opened last March, the Socio-Medical Center created for Syrian refugees in Izmir, which is managed by WAHA International and funded by the AREVA Foundation, has provided care to more than 2,000 women and children.

The local team – composed of a gynecologist, a midwife, a psychologist, a social worker, interpreters and a teacher of Turkish – meets the needs of the growing numbers of people who come to the center each week:

  • access to healthcare, particularly maternal health and psychosocial support;
  • help for integration (residence permits, schooling, job searches, etc.);
  • introduction to the Turkish language.


The rising influx of people at the Izmir socio-medical center confirms the need for its existence and for the services it provides to them, 25% of whom are pregnant women, while children represent another 25%.