AREVA holds its first Supplier Day in Poland


As much as 70% of multi-billion Euro new build projects open to procurement by Polish companies

Following the success of its Supplier Days already held in the U.S., the UK and very recently in Czech Republic, AREVA organized yesterday its first Supplier Day in Poland as part of its localization strategy in support of the potential construction of its EPRTM reactor in Poland and Europe.

AREVA confirmed that a significant part of the work on the company’s new power station projects will go to Polish suppliers. “Although we will manufacture the main heavy components ourselves, that represents only about 30% of the total nuclear island equipment by value. The available supply chain market is some 70% of the total,” said Claude Jaouen, AREVA Senior Executive Vice-President, Reactors & Services Business Group.

The organization of this full-day seminar signals AREVA’s real and strong commitment to the continuous development of its European and International supply chain to ensure competitive, on-time and on-budget delivery of new build projects worldwide

“Yes we have current suppliers, and in fact, thanks to our experience in building the first two new-generation reactors in Europe, AREVA is the only player with a mature European supply chain that can give our customers confidence in project timing and economics. However, we need many more suppliers if we are to deliver our target of 30% of the global new build programs,” said Jaouen.

“Local suppliers can use this opportunity to open up global opportunities and join AREVA so they can start national and go global.”

A number of Polish suppliers have already joined AREVA and are involved in key aspects of the EPRTM reactor construction at OL3, such as the containment liner design and prefabrication, electrical, I&C and HVAC systems erection, and pre-commissioning or civil works. ”Even with the extensive participation of Polish suppliers already in place, we are eager to further develop this successful collaboration with the Polish industry,” said Thorsten Kammerzell, AREVA Procurement Vice-President, Reactors & Services Business Group.

At the seminar, Polish suppliers got firsthand information from AREVA’s management and supply chain experts as well as from Polish companies already working with AREVA and were able to discuss business opportunities during the afternoon working sessions.

All interested companies were invited to register at AREVA’s dedicated website for potential suppliers at http://suppliers.areva.comto enter into the qualification process. The prevailing criterion in the qualification process is the ability to demonstrate fulfillment of safety requirements. In addition, suppliers must demonstrate the quality, cost and ability to meet the schedule requirements of the group’s projects.

“AREVA’s plan to open the door to Polish companies shows the real business opportunities created by the relaunch of the nuclear program in our country. We hope as many Polish companies as possible will seize the opportunity!” declared Adam Rozwadowski, President of AREVA Polska.