AREVA hosts second global Nuclear Executive Meeting with the world’s leading utilities


AREVA hosted yesterday, in Paris, the second global Nuclear Executive Meeting (NEM) gathering this year 25 CEOs and top executives from 16 of the world’s largest utilities.  

AREVA has organized Nuclear Executive Meetings on an annual basis since 2011. They represent an open forum for the group and its utility customers to discuss and share their vision on how to meet their objectives for safe and profitable plant operation as well as for long-term public confidence.

Leading to the definition of concrete cooperation initiatives for 2013, this year’s Nuclear Executive Meeting was also the opportunity to fully reap the benefits of the three AREVA Safety Alliance Seminars held by the group in 2012 on Nuclear Fleet Safety, Public Confidence, and Nuclear Economics.  

“What we have achieved during today’s second Nuclear Executive Meeting is a perfect example of partnership,” said Ruben Lazo, AREVA’s Chief Commercial Officer, in his closing remarks. “We can all be happy with the frank views expressed here today and the actions we have planned together as they provide us with a clear vision for addressing the challenges facing our industry. AREVA is more than ever committed to mobilizing its expertise and experience in supporting you, our utility customers, to meet your daily objectives for safety and operational performance and contribute to a safe nuclear industry worldwide”, added Lazo.

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Press Contacts

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