AREVA installs a solar test center in Beaumont-Hague

Press release

AREVA has chosen the Beaumont-Hague site as the location for a test center for its Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology, thereby renewing its commitment to developing French industrial know-how. This unique project will be developed in the Research Hall of Beaumont-Hague (Hall de Recherche de Beaumont-Hague – HRB), where more than 80 researchers from the group are already working on nearly 3,000 m² of pilot facilities.

Planned to be operational by the end of 2012, the main purpose of the test center will be to optimize the performance of AREVA’s CLFR (Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector)(1) technology, through research into the surface coating of receiver tubes.

Eventually, a team of 15 experts will collaborate on the development of the next generation of tubes which will equip AREVA’s thermodynamic solar power plants.

“AREVA is proud to actively contribute to the development of French industrial know-how, thanks to the implementation of strategic activities with high added value for the group. This project is a key investment for AREVA, since it represents the future of CLFR technology”, stated Louis-François Durret, CEO of AREVA Renewables.

(1) CLFR technology uses mirrors which concentrate the sun’s rays towards receivers containing tubes which water flows through. The concentrated sun’s rays vaporize the water within the tubes, directly generating superheated steam. This is then used to produce electricity, or for industrial processes which use steam.

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