AREVA introduces SIBAG, the first “serious game” simulator for training nuclear operators

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AREVA has unveiled SIBAG, an innovative training system, at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris. The system is designed to foster the development of best habits and reflexes while operating within glove boxes – sealed container used for handling sensitive materials.

SIBAG is the first “serious game” simulator designed to enable operators to hone skills and behaviors in real-time. Immersed in a realistic and interactive environment, operators control the actions of an avatar directly using a touch screen. They follow a training program spread out over 18 missions, each reflecting a different work scenario.

The SIBAG training began this month at the AREVA Melox plant in Southern France. Around 1,000 operators will be trained each year.

"SIBAG's objective is to help us guarantee the high levels of safety, security and performance at nuclear installations," said Igor Baston, director of Training for AREVA. "Our ambition is to develop training solutions that incorporate increasingly innovative educational methods and to build a digital training offer for the group's employees, customers and partners." 


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