AREVA launches a new advertising campaign: "Energy: one powerful story"

Press release

From January 5, AREVA is set to reposition its advertising, returning to the screens with a new campaign entitled "Energy: one powerful story".

For the AREVA brand, that will celebrate its tenth birthday in September 2011, this communications approach is part of the group’s continuous improvement commitment.

The campaign is underpinned by a 60-second animated film, which tells the story of energy as a vector for human progress, stretching back to antiquity. The visual and musical originality that made the previous "Energy experts" spot such a success, is very much in evidence.

"This new film brings out the intrinsic value of the group's offering of low carbon solutions for producing electricity. But it goes beyond that, by contextualizing those solutions in terms of humanity and development, underlining what has been achieved up to the present and what remains to be done. In this sense the message carried by the film is one of enthusiasm and humility", explains Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, VP Communications and spokesperson for the AREVA group.

The film itself will be accompanied by a press and internet campaign that will project AREVA's continuous improvement ethos and approach through several examples of concrete achievements.

A special section on will support the campaign.

you wish it, you can share the "Energy: one powerful story" video with your friends and relatives on YouTube:  

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Technical data
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  • Advertising agency: Euro RSCG C&O
  • Media agency: Havas Media International
  • Production: H5
  • Music: "Funkytown" interpreted by Lipps Inc., composed by Steven Greenberg and re-orchestrated by the London Symphony orchestra.
  • Budget for advertising space: 15.5 M€ gross
Media plan
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  • Single 2-week wave (January 5-18)
  • more than 1,400 cinemas, 900,000 admissions


  • Single 3-week wave (January 15-February 4)
  • Around 1,500 ads on thirty terrestrial/satellite channels


  • Single 2-week wave (January 31-February 13) in ten national daily and weekly titles


  • Two waves (January 17-February 6, followed by February 14-27)
  • More than 100 million spaces on 20 websites



  • Single 4-week wave (January 17-February 13)
  • Around 550 ads on 4 pan European channels and 1 inflight channel


  • Single 2-week wave (January 17-30)
  • More than 12 million spaces on 5 websites



  • Single 1-month wave (February) in around 10 titles


  • Two waves (January 17-30, followed by February 14-27)
  • More than 80 million spaces on 10 websites
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