AREVA launches ground-breaking solution to improve the reliability of nuclear power plant secondary systems

Press release

AREVA has developed an innovative technology to prevent the corrosion of the secondary systems of nuclear power plants through the application of a protective film on the inner surfaces. This solution reinforces the long-term reliability of these structures and contributes to extending the duration of reactor operations. 


Known as film forming amines (FFA), the application of this film creates a continuous layer between the water and the system’s metal, preventing contact with corrosive agents. This process significantly reduces the development of damaging corrosive by-products within the secondary loop of the nuclear reactor.


Simple to apply, this solution offers operators greater flexibility compared to traditional methods, notably during outages. The film, particularly resistant to elevated temperatures, also protects components when exposed to air during planned maintenance shutdowns. Lastly, this technology can be adapted to different plant designs and has already been proven at several nuclear power plants worldwide.


“The application of film forming amines preserves the entire secondary system in only one step, improving its overall resistance,” said Philippe Samama, executive vice-president of AREVA’s Reactors & Services Business Group. “As part of our Forward Alliance program, we have developed this state-of-the-art solution to provide our customers with a way to prolong the life of these components, integral to nuclear power plant operations.”


AREVA’s Forward Alliance program offers nuclear utilities products and services to enhance the safety of their operations for the long-term.