AREVA NDE Solutions France (Intercontrôle) awarded contract with EDF thanks to an innovative technical offer

News brief

Beginning 2011, AREVA NDE Solutions France (Intercontrôle) and EDF signed the steam generators tubing maintenance and inspections renewal contract. This contract, signed for 6 years renewable with options on 3 more years, covers the firm period 01/01/2011 – 12/31/2016, with the inspection of ~35-40 steam generators per year.

It’s a real success story for AREVA NDE Solutions France (Intercontrôle) thanks to an innovative technical offer: the deployment of the “Nouvelle Chaîne GV” (NCGV), consisting of a unique load-bearing for inspection and plugging tools, avoiding any human action in the water chamber.

This new equipment allows increasing the productivity from 30% to 50% according to the type of inspection, reducing then the action time and improving the dosimetry.

"The negotiation was based on our technical offer including the NCGV deployment, a new tool, more productive and reducing the dosimetry, which convinced our customer EDF" confirmed Jean-Pierre Gustin, Sales manager for AREVA NDE Solutions France (Intercontrôle) Intercontrôle.

Besides the technical skills, AREVA NDE Solutions France (Intercontrôle) promoted the cooperation and mutualisation of equipments and resources between the three regions France, Germany and the United States, major asset “particularly appreciated by EDF in the offer proposed” according to the same source. The Ranger (a tool which will be deployed in the NCGV) is already operated by AREVA NDE Solutions North-America for a few years, and used as well by AREVA NDE Solutions Germany (intelligeNDT), confirming the reliability of the equipment.

This commercial success was achievable thanks to the AREVA NDE Solutions France (Intercontrôle) teams’ performance and the promotion of AREVA international expertise as a major competitive advantage.