AREVA NP awarded Contract for Safety I&C Project in Sweden

Press release

AREVA has been awarded a contract to modernize a segment of the safety Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system in unit 3 of the Forsmark* nuclear power plant operated by the utility Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, a subsidiary of Vattenfall. Under this contract, AREVA will supply a new neutron flux measuring system, provide the qualification testing and install the components. The contract also includes engineering and related services to perform the regular functional system tests as well as the necessary upgrade of the simulator.

The new I&C components for the neutron flux system will be designed and manufactured at AREVA NP’s Erlangen and Karlstein sites in Germany. They will be installed into the existing cabinets.

Using AREVA NP’s proven TELEPERM®XS technology, the system monitors the neutron flux in the reactor core during downtime as well as plant start-up and shut-down operations, contributing to plant safety during these operating stages. AREVA NP will also update control rod control drive system, already modernized by the company in 2000.

“AREVA NP’s TELEPERM®XS safety I&C system has already been installed in or ordered for more than 80 nuclear power plants of 16 different reactor designs in 16 countries,” said Martin Winkler, in charge of I&C Sales & Marketing at AREVA NP. “This contract is another example of our worldwide expertise in I&C for both nuclear new builds and upgrade projects, including those for which AREVA NP was not the original equipment manufacturer.”


* Forsmark 3 is a boiling water reactor with an installed net capacity of 1,170 megawatts. The reactor started commercial operations in 1985 and is located in the east coast of Sweden, approximately 100 kilometers north of Stockholm.