AREVA NP Strengthens Market Position for Nuclear Plant Cyber Security Services

Press release

AREVA NP, through the North America-based subsidiary AREVA Inc., was recently awarded several contracts totaling more than 10 million euros ($11 million) to provide cyber security services to several U.S. utilities. Through these services, the company will enhance the protection of the digital systems at the customers’ nuclear power plants.

AREVA NP will execute cyber security engineering scopes of work that include completing control assessments of more than 5,000 critical digital assets, supporting programmatic infrastructure improvements,  and designing mitigation strategies to meet U.S. regulatory requirements.

“Protecting nuclear energy infrastructure is an industry-wide priority,” said Lee Williams, senior vice president, Installed Base Projects at AREVA Inc. “Our expertise in cyber security, nuclear plant engineering and regulatory affairs ensures a high level of protection of the digital systems for our American and international customers’.”

AREVA NP’s approach to cyber security is designed in accordance with the latest industry guidance and regulatory requirements, while being in compliance with utilities’ cyber security plans.