AREVA NP Ugine: accident at a facility

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Yesterday at 9:25 pm local time, an explosion occurred within a casting furnace located in a workshop of the AREVA NP metallurgy plant in Ugine.

The workshop was evacuated and no employees were injured. 

Teams from the French departmental fire & rescue service [Service Départemental d'Incendie et de Secours – SDIS] and the site's own safety teams intervened immediately.

A section of the buildings in which the furnaces are housed was damaged. A fire which started was rapidly brought under control.

In accordance with procedures and as a precautionary measure, the activities underway in the buildings concerned and adjoining buildings were halted immediately and the facilities were made safe.

No damage occurred outside the AREVA NP Ugine site. The situation is now under control.

The Regional department for the environment, town and country planning and housing [DREAL] and the Prefecture of Savoie are being kept informed of the situation on an ongoing basis. Management has notified the Town Hall of Ugine, as well as other local stakeholders.

An investigation is underway to identify the causes of the accident and assess the damage.

We shall keep you informed of any developments in the situation.



The AREVA Ugine site carries out one of the steps in the industrial process for the transformation of zirconium into nuclear fuel assemblies. It has a workforce of around 310 employees.

Within AREVA, the Zirconium division is engaged in activities in design, manufacturing and the provision of associated services for operators of light water nuclear reactors. It has five industrial sites in France and two joint ventures in Asia.

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