AREVA Nuclear Learning Tour: a Training Program for Customers

News brief

Last September AREVA launched its Nuclear Learning Tour, a training dedicated to its customers and partners, leading them to discover most of nuclear energy topics.

In eight days only and through an innovative pedagogical approach, participants may concretely grasp all steps of the nuclear cycle. This nuclear discovery tour, whose design relies on visiting nuclear sites in operation and attending expert-led conferences, provides a global vision of nuclear industry and an in-depth understanding of current energy stakes. This first of a kind is based on AREVA’s dual expertise as the supplier of 95% of electricity companies worldwide and the operator of its own nuclear facilities.

With this program accommodating up to 40 participants of diverse countries, AREVA offers its customers and partners a high-quality training delivered by renowned experts, without any prerequisite in nuclear matters. This unique and pragmatic initiative was hailed by participants in the previous session « this trial was very important and very impressive for me ». It made easier their understanding of this business sector « Public Acceptance is much more understandable. It is important to understand the energy mix, especially for the US » and networking «The most interesting part was indeed the networking. To be able to talk with other persons from diverse countries and to get inside their view of energy supply…». Others qualified this training as quite operational « I will use it every day. All my customers are in the nuclear field. I will be more able to speak the same language ». 

After the successful completion of the first session last September, AREVA launched a new international session on June 4 – 13, currently open to on-line registration.