AREVA participates in Nuclear Security Summit

News brief

decorative imageAREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon participated in Nuclear Security Summit activities taking place this week in Washington, D.C.  President Obama and global leaders were meeting to pursue a comprehensive nuclear security agenda to secure vulnerable nuclear materials around the world in four years. 

The leaders of 47 countries signed a “high-level communiqué” that outlines efforts to secure or eliminate vulnerable stockpiles of nuclear material.

For AREVA, the communiqué reinforced many ongoing and cooperative non-proliferation efforts that the United States, France, and others support to protect weapons of mass destruction materials and expertise from illicit use and proliferation. 

As part of the Summit activities, Anne Lauvergeon on April 14 has participated in a panel with industry leaders to discuss the security of highly enriched uranium and plutonium.  The event, sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute, is titled “The Role of the Private Sector in Securing Nuclear Materials.” 

Anne Lauvergeon also participated in a roundtable discussion with nuclear industry leaders to talk about forming partnerships and working collaboratively to guarantee the safety and security of nuclear materials.  The roundtable was hosted by Vice President Biden.

AREVA has led the industry on the topic of non-proliferation and continues to demonstrate its leadership by its participation in conferences, support of key non-proliferation studies, and actions in support of international non-proliferation policy objectives.  Examples include the MOX project, U.S. Department of Energy Global Threat Reduction Initiative activities in research reactor conversions research, and transportation of fresh and spent fuel repatriation to the U.S. from overseas locations.

AREVA believes strongly that its leadership in this area, in partnership with governments, will strengthen global non-proliferation efforts