AREVA participates in the 21th World Energy Congress (WEC Montréal 2010)

News brief

AREVA is participating in the World Energy Congress (WEC) being held through Thursday, September 16th in Montreal (Canada) on the theme “Responding now to global challenges –Energy in transition for a living planet

Since its creation in 1924, the WEC goal has been "to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people".

Organized every three years by the World Energy Council, the Congress, the principal international multi-energy forum, provides the opportunity for participants to more clearly grasp energy-related questions and solutions from a global perspective.

This 21st session of the Congress in Montreal is focused on four major challenges facing the energy sector:

  • Accessibility: Meeting Energy Demand : a Global Challenge Requires Global Solutions
  • Availability: What is the Right Energy Mix for Long Term Stability?
  • Acceptability: Energy Solutions for a Living Planet,
  • Accountability: Policies, Regulations and Financing.

More than 3,500 leaders from the energy sector, representing as many companies, governments and international organizations as the academic and research community and associations will be meeting here to pool their ideas.

The group is participating in the conference in two ways; Anne Lauvergeon, President of the Executive Board of AREVA, is a keynote speaker and AREVA will also be present at the exhibition.

The event is being covered by the AREVA North America: Next Energy Blog, which will relay the thoughts of AREVA’s representatives on the topics being discussed live from the World Energy Congress.

AREVA is also participating in exchanges on the discussion platform, the official “social media” partner of the WEC, to share its view of the future of energy.