AREVA poised to co-develop leading industrial simulation tools with SAMTECH

News brief

handling of rotor of the wind millAREVA Wind and the AREVA T&I center have just signed an agreement with SAMTECH to co-develop new industrial tools for fully integrated simulation, global to local, of wind turbines and wind turbine components.

SAMTECH, founded in 1986 by scientists at the University of Liège (Belgium), is the developer of SAMCEF simulation products, widely used in such technologically advanced industries as aeronautics, automotives and transportation. SAMCEF’s impressive client list includes SAFRAN, EADS, AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER, EUROCOPTER, RENAULT, VALEO, TOYOTA, ABB and THALES.

As part of the DELIVER PRODUCTS initiative, the co-developed software solution will be used throughout a product’s life cycle, from the preliminary design stage to detailed design and prototype testing, ensuring the highest degree of technical safety in each phase of the development process. The simulation solution will be especially important in determining a product’s technology readiness level (TRL) and in validating key development milestones, optimizing product testing and allowing the highest level of confidence in quality and safety. SAMCEF’s Digital MockUp abilities will be especially important in maintaining cost effectiveness.

Kai Irschik, a local team leader at AREVA Wind, elaborated on the benefits of the partnership: “AREVA Wind has specifically selected SAMCEF among the top software giants in the wind industry. The advantage of partnering with SAMCEF is that the solution will be used throughout a wind turbine’s complete design process, from the early pre-design phases to product completion. By aligning our product development process with the quality and safety gates set by the DELIVER PRODUCTS initiative, we will allow our products to develop and mature more efficiently.”