AREVA publishes a report on its diversity policy in France in 2010

Press release

AREVA has published a report detailing the actions taken by the group to pro-mote diversity in its French entities in 2010 and the encouraging results obtained. This is the first report of its kind since the Diversity policy was introduced in 2005.

The report reasserts the group’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities, describes its achievements and good practices and gives the main indicators used to monitor diversity. It also focuses on the highlights of 2010: the creation of the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Department and the recognition obtained by the group when it was awarded the Diversity Label.

The Diversity Report is available for employees, managers and AREVA’s external stakeholders. It is intended to be transparent and instructive and gives every reason to pursue the ongoing efforts.

“This report, with its deliberately humoristic style, reflects our unembarrassed approach to diversity at AREVA. Today, diversity is an integral part of our prac-tices and managerial acts; it’s also a daily reality for employees”, says Philippe Thurat, Diversity and Equal Opportunities Manager at AREVA.

The 2010 Diversity Report for France: an informative and instructive tool

The Diversity Report is in three parts:

  • It reports on how the group puts its diversity values into practice and incorporates them into AREVA’s HR, managerial and industrial practices;
  • It then goes on to describe the concrete actions taken on the group’s sites in France and their good diversity practices;
  • And finally, it recounts the progress made with the improvement actions presented to AFNOR (the French national organization for standardiza-tion) at the certification audit to obtain the Diversity Label in 2010.

A look back on five years of dynamic diversity policy

Right from the very beginning in 2006, our Diversity policy has been formal-ized through agreements with the unions, which have been involved in every stage of the process to promote diversity and fight against discrimi-nation:

  • Diversity policy launched in 2006 with the signature of the first Europe-wide agreement on Diversity and Equal Opportunities with the European Metal-workers’ Federation;
  • Signature of the Diversity Charter for France in 2006;
  • Operational roll-out of the agreement via the ODEO project (Open Dialogue through Equal Opportunities), co-funded by the European Commission;
  • Creation of the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Department in 2010;
  • AREVA awarded the Diversity Label for its activities in France (first French company to obtain this distinction);
  • Signature of the second Europe-wide agreement on professions and compe-tence forecast and management, including a section on work/life balance and dialogue between generations.

The four founding principles of AREVA’s Diversity policy

  • Gender mix in the workplace;
  • Employment of disabled people;
  • Age diversity and management of seniors;
  • Social, ethnic and cultural diversity and the fight against discrimination in all its forms.

AREVA has been committed to Diversity since 2005 and continues to consider it as an asset and a source of innovation. The group is committed to fighting all types of discrimination in the workplace.

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Consult the diversity policy in France in 2010
Consult the diversity policy in France in 2010
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